伍善弘個人照片Lucas Ng Sin Wang Profile Photo

Photographer: Rie Kung


於1991年出生,香港土生土長的純正90後。大學時期於香港理工大學主修成衣及紡織設計,其後任職生活版記者近兩年。現分別追髓台灣神秘學學院Sophiel Body Mind Spirit School (簡稱:SBMSS)院長蘇菲亞及中國玄空風水師廖頌音師傅,以初學者的身份修習西式臼井靈氣療法西方神秘學及中國玄空風水學。





About Ng Sin Wang Lucas

I am Ng Sin Wang, a legitimately made in Hong Kong “post-90s”. I received my first degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, whereas I studied fashion, textile (basically knitwear), and technical designs. After graduation, I had been working as a lifestyle journalist for nearly 2 years. But something always intrigues me- Occult Knowledge, the knowledge of the invisible world.

Now, I am a seeker and 1st Degree Reiki Healer at the Sophiel Body Mind Spirit School, a.k.a. SBMSS, as a disciple of Lady Sophia; but also a disciple of a Chinese Feng Shui Master- Jessie Liu. I have learning and practicing western reiki healing, western mystery knowledge and Feng Shui since then.

the Start of the Journal

The intention of creating The Journal was simply to share what I have studied on reiki, occultism, and Feng Shui. When I was working on this site, I think more can be shared through this platform, as I somehow understand that, at times, we all have been through some difficult situations alone.

Loneliness and stress can be overwhelming.

“It is really ok.”

But, it is really ok, as long as we have a more clear, better, objective picture on what’s going on in spirituality, personal growth, health, relationships and even in fashion. Therefore, I believe an article can inspire readers to make a better decision with a thought. Then a thought would eventually be manifested into a whole new reality. With the Journal, you are not alone.